Synthesis Project - 5th December 2017

Working in partnership with Nucleus Arts and five local schools, a concert was organised with the thought of bringing the community together.

In which they did last Tuesday night …

The project Synthesis

Mona Whitton, a prominent member of the arts and education in Medway had the vision to bring music and art together in the community for this festive season.

My task was to deliver an art workshop showing consistency and unity across the five schools.

 Initial Sketch of idea

Initial Sketch of idea

With help from the lovely Charlie at Nucleus, they entrusted me to carry out the art workshop.


One car full later from Hobbycraft, I was armed and ready to go.


Five canvases all the same size in which I drew a basic outline of a tree for the pupils to work with

The task for the pupils:

- Go wild

- Get creative

- Layer, cut, rip up and have fun

Only request was fill the tree shape with black tissue paper to create a silhouette but apart from that anything goes!

Here is some of the work in progress


After 2 hours…


Being part of this community project was a wonderful way to end 2017.

So thanks to all, and to all a good night

BonnieStitch x